Ancascocha Tour + Inca Trail to Machu Picchu 7D/6N

This Ancasocha tour combines the 2 best treks in Cusco region, Ancascocha, considered as one of the 20 best epic hikes in the world by National Geography, and The Inca Trail, one of the top treks in the world. It offers the most spectacular views of mountain ranges, dramatic scenery, soaring mountain peaks, heavenly views above the clouds… around every mountain corner a breathtaking scene awaits you. The whole Ancascocha trek goes from grassy land surrounded by snowcapped mountains to the cloud forest known also as the mountain jungle. Peru by Locals  offers you this complete journey to Machu Picchu full of history and nature that will make your trek almost a religious pilgrimage.

Ancascocha Tour & Inca Trail to Machu Picchu – Overview

Day 0. Pre-departure meeting with your guide Day 1. Cusco – Soqma – Rayan Day 2. Rayan – Kuychiccacasa pass – Ancasccocha Day 3. Ancascocha – Wayanay pass – Inca Tambo Day 4. Inca Tambo – Llullucha pampa – Dead woman’s pass – Pacaymayu (Connection to Inca trail) Day 5.  Pacaymayu -Chaquicocha –  Phuyupatamarca Day 6. Phuyupatamarca – Wiñaywayna – Machu Picchu Day 7. Machu Picchu tour

Ancascocha Tour + Inca Trail: Briefing

One day before, or at a pre-established time and date, your guide will meet you in your hotel in Cusco to brief you about your ancascocha tour and give you the last details. Also one of the representatives of Peru by Locals will meet you to collect the rest of the balance to be paid for the trek (in cash).

Day 1: Cusco – Soqma – Rayan

Early morning meeting with your guide in your hotel in Cusco for a drive to Soqma for about one and a half hours where your Ancasocha Tour will begin. Stop at the town called Huarocondo where you can purchase the last minute supplies such as water or snacks. This town is very well known for the LECHONES (roasted pork), which is considered the best in Cusco area, so we can have a taste of that local cuisine if you are interested. Our adventure begins with one hour and half uphill, but offers you beautiful views and we will also encounter a beautiful waterfall called Perolniyoc. Your guide will show you some medicinal plants that the locals use along the way. You can collect some plants and make your own tea like locals too. From here you will continue onto the campground that will take you for couple more hours. Once you arrive to camp, you will have lunch, but before lunch you will visit this small Incan site with your guide to have a history lesson.
Distance covered: 11 km (6,8 miles)
Time: 4 to 6 hours
Lowest elevation: 3000m (9,843 feet)
Highest elevation: 3700m (12,139 feet)
Level of difficulty: Moderate

Day 2: Rayan – Kuychiccasacpass – Ancasccocha

After waking up with a nice cup of coca tea in your tent and having a delicious breakfast, your ancascocha tour begins towards the first pass of the trek called Kuychiccasa (4.380 m / 14,370 feet), a perfect spot for rest and photography, as you’ll be surrounded by snowcapped mountains such as Ausangate (6,300 m / 20,931 feet), Chicon (5,530 m / 18,143 feet) and others. We trek down for one hour until we reach the lunch to Chancachuco, and then further trek on gradual downhill for another two or 3 more more hours towards the campground at Ancascocha Village (3,800 m / 12,400 feet).
Distance covered: 15 km (9,3miles)
Time: 8 to 9 hours
Lowest elevation: 3700m (12,139 feet)
Highest elevation: 43800m (14,370 feet)
Level of difficulty: Demanding

Day 3: Ancascocha – Wayanay Pass – Inca Tambo

Today we undertake the long stretch, but in return you will have amazing views. You will ascent to the second pass and the highest on the Ancascocha Tour – Wayanay pass (4,600 m / 15,090 feet) about 3 hours, and then down for one hour untill lunch at Inca racay,  finally for the next three or four hours to the next camp, viewing some waterfalls, amazing vistas  and an small Inca ruins.
Distance covered: 16 km (10 miles)
Time: 8 to 10 hours
Lowest elevation: 3150m (10,335 feet)
Highest elevation: 4560m (14,961 feet)
Level of difficulty: Demanding

Day 4: Inca Tambo – LLulluchapampa – Dead woman’s pass – Pacaymayu (Connection to Inca trail)

Today we’ll trek down to Paucarcancha for one  hour where we join the Classic Inca trail and the rest of locals (porters) will meet us here who will carry all the equipment all the way to end of our journey.  then we hike up towards Llulluchapampa for about 3 hours where we will have a delicious lunch. After it our ascend continues towards Dead woman’s pass. The last section will be down hill for about two hours to the end of our destination today. It will be challenging trek because the steep ascend, but again rewarding.
Distance covered: 13 km (8 miles)
Time: 8 to 9 hours
Lowest elevation: 3000m (9,842 feet)
Highest elevation: 4215m (13,776 feet)
Level of difficulty: Demanding

Day 5: Pacaymayu – Chaquicocha – Phuyupatamarca

This day you will have amazing views and see Inca ruins and beautiful orchids along the way, as the area gets more like jungle as we get closer to Machu Picchu. We start with one and a half hour ascent to the next pass of the Inca trail, trek down for couple of hours to lunch spot and then up and downs towards to the most beautiful camp along the Inca trail at Phuyu patamarca
Distance covered: 11 km (6,8 miles)
Time: 7 to 8 hours
Lowest elevation: 3650m (11,975 feet)
Highest elevation: 3950m (12,960 feet)
Level of difficulty: Moderate to demanding

Day 6:  Phuyupatamarca – Wiñaywayna – Machu Picchu

We will leave camp early after enjoying another gorgeous sunrise over the mountains. We then hike  down terrain for the next two and half hours to Wiñay wayna where we will have the last lunch with our cook and porters and say good buy to our amigos porters and cooks after the big hugs, then we hike for 2 more hours to Machu Picchu in up and down sections. Once we arrive to Machu Picchu, it will already be app. 4 pm, and there will be less people there so it will be perfect for taking pictures and soaking up the atmosphere. We will spend some time here taking great pictures because at this time most people have left the city already. We will then catch a bus down to Aguas Calientes, where we’ll spend the night in a hotel and enjoy dinner together at arestaurant.
Distance covered: 11 km (6,8 miles)
Time: 7 to 9 hours
Lowest elevation: 2400m (7874 feet)
Highest elevation: 3700m (12,139 feet)
Level of difficulty: Moderate

Day 7: Machu Picchu Tour

We will take an early bus from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu to watch the spectacular sun rise over one of the most amazing places on Earth. Be prepared for a flood of emotions or goosebumps at the very least, as you gaze at the ancient city of Machu Picchu! We will visit the lost city of Machu Picchu, a World Heritage Site and one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. If you are brave and fit enough, you can hike up the steep Huayna Picchu ountain or Machu Picchu mountain which is higher than Huayna Picchu. When you are ready to leave, you can take the bus back down to Aguas Calientes town to collect your luggage from the hotel, and enjoy a farewell lunch with the rest of the group before you return to Cusco by train in the afternoon.
Distance covered: Walking tour of Machu Picchu
Time: 3 to 4 hours
Lowest elevation: 2050m (6,726 feet)
Highest elevation: 2400m (7,874 feet)
Level of difficulty: Moderate

Included in the Ancascocha Tour + Inca Trail:

Excluded in the Ancascocha Tour + Inca Trail:

Additional options

Machu Picchu mountain Machu Picchu mountain is taller mountain than Huayna Picchu and offers you spectacular views of Machu Picchu and surroundings. Our clients said before that it is better than Huayna Picchu and to get to the top it will be about 1,5 h and another 1,5 hours back down. The tickets are asually available almost all the time and not like Huayna Picchu.Please inform us of your choice when you book the trek with us. US70
Huayna Picchu Huayna Picchu tickets must be booked in advance since permits are limited to 400 per day. US 70

Ancascocha Tour & Inca Trail pricing

Price per person The prices of the Premium Inca Trail to Machu Picchu are per person in a double occupancy room in a hotel in the last night at Aguas Calientes;  please consult us for a single hotel room occupancy price.
Flowers house 3* Casa andina 3* Sumaq hotel 4 * Pueblo hotel 5 *
Double occupancy $1190Single occupancy $ 1230 Double occupancy $1230Sinlge occupancy $ 1280 Double occupáncy $1530Single Occupancy $ 1730 Double Occupancy $1950Single occupnacy $ 2350


Students: discount of $50, but you have to supply us with a copy of your ISIC card when booking the trek with us. Children up to 15 years of age will be considered as students, under the condition that you supply us with a copy of the passport at the booking time. Note: A minimum of two people is required to run the Ancascocha Tour & Inca Trail, and there is a maximum of eight people per group.

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In order for us to reserve your spot on this Ancascocha Tour + Inca Trail, you are required to send us the following information: full names, passport number, age, gender, nationality and make the relevant deposit as indicated below: Once you have sent us the information of each person, please make your deposit using PAYPAL. Once we have both, we will confirm your Ancascocha tour. Thank you so much for choosing PERU by LOCALS. If you have any questions, send us an e-mail to:

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    What to bring

    What to bring for the Ancascocha Tour + Inca Trail

    • Original passport (if you have acquired a new one after you made your booking, bring both)
    • Down sleeping bag (if you don’t have one you can rent one from us)
    • Clothes (trekking boots, warm fleece jacket, a few t-shirts, few pairs of socks, sun hat, warm long underwear, light trekking pants, gloves, rain jacket)
    • Day backpack (35 liter) basically to carry ypur day use belongings such as water, sun ceam, day cloths and others
    • Toiletries (toilet paper, wet wipes)
    • Sunscreen SPF 35+ recommended
    • Head lamp
    • Sunglasses
    • Camera or simply a phone
    • Book to read, you will have some spare time at every camp to read your favorite book or those that are about Machu Picchu that may make you journey more interesting (the following books are recommended by us:  Last Days of the Incas by Kim MacQuarrie, Turn Right at Machu Picchu: Rediscovering the Lost City One Step at a Timeby by Mark Adams)
    • Trekking poles (recommended especially for the steep descents, can be rented from us for $10 per pair for the whole trek)
    • Bug repellent
    • Extra money to tips or apreciations (Please see FAQs section fro suggestions)



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